Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ken Whyld - Chess Reader

The inspiration for this blog is the late Ken Whyld's chess book review newsletter the “Chess Reader” which was published from 1955 til 1966, the first five volumes under Ken Whyld editorship, the final volume under other editors. The “ Chess Reader” is available again and now published in book form thanks to the Publishing House of Moravian Chess which have reprinted so many chess classics of the past as well as publishing much new chess research.

The “Chess Reader” is a font of knowledge for the chess bibliophile, each issue displaying an easily worn erudition and a no nonsense style. If not every book issued in those 10 years was reviewed;  it seems at the very least every important book was reviewed. Books for the novice as well as weighty tomes of opening, endgame and middle game theory; tournament bulletins, chess biographies and books on chess compositions were all considered and reviewed. You may find yourself like me adding to your want lists after reading one of Ken Whyld's reviews.

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