Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"The Game" and the Mysterious Disappearance of Peter Winston

Alexandra Kosteniuk's chess blog brought to my attention the story of the disappearance of Peter Winston and what was once simply known as "The Game".
A young Peter Winston then 14, decisively beats Walter Browne perhaps at the time the best American player outside of Bobby Fischer.
"... as Chess Life magazine explained. Winston crushed the elder player so decisively that their contest would be discussed in chess circles for years, called simply “The Game.” "
But within a few years Peter Winston mysteriously disappears never to be heard from again.
Here is the link to the New York Observer article by Sarah Weinman that brought the case of Peter Winston to all our attention.

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  1. As a keen chess player, I have always been interested in this case, and often wonder how far Winston would have progressed as a top-level player if he didn't have any mental health issues.