Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chicago - Quincy (Illinois) Telegraph Chess Match and Ernest Morphy: An update

 Since my last post on the Quincy Telegraph chess matches, some additional information has come to light on the Quincy - Chicago match , along with the first game of that match, in the chess column of the Chicago Tribune.

' " Chicago then had as perhaps it had as yet powerful players. Morgan was second to no one in the West. Kennicott, Turner, Nicholson  also were very strong players. Quincy had a very strong representation in E. A. Dudley years ago counted the ablest player in the Mississippi Valley - the almost even contestant with Lowenthal, the great Hungarian player and analyst; Ernest Morphy (now deceased ) , uncle and tutor of Paul Morphy, and a very sure, skilled and learned chess veteran. The committee of the Chicago Club was Morgan, Kennicott, Turner, Nicholson and - (?); of Quincy, Dudley, Morphy, Tillson, Rowland, and Martin; and the result was a tie, each winning one game." '
Chicago Tribune, April 30, 1876

  It was thanks to the web site Chess Archaeology ,that I found this particular chess column. Chess Archaeology is an invaluable resource for those interested in chess history.

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