Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New McFarland catalog 2014-2015

I received the latest chess catalog from McFarland the other day in the mail, which as always promises much for the lover of chess history.

First off, there is a new biography of Capablanca, due out in the next couple months. And as previously posted on this blog, there is biography of Vera Menchik due out as well. W. H. K. Pollack is to be the subject of a biography from McFarland from the pen of Olimpiu M. Urcan, and John S. Hilbert  to be released later this year.

Set to be released in 2015 are new biographies of Ignaz Kolisch, and Samuel Lipschutz. I am heartened to see that most of these new releases are to be released in library binding, with only the Menchik biography to be released in softcover.

The latest chess catalog can be downloaded here.

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