Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Games from Шахматный бюллетень

For several years in the 1980's I subscribed to the Soviet chess magazine Шахматный бюллетень (Shakhmatny Bulletin). Before there was Chess Informant or New in Chess there was Шахматный бюллетень; if you wanted to see games from the Soviet Union there was nothing else like Шахматный бюллетень. I was cleaning out my nightstand the other day when I ran across my old issues and I thought that on occasion I would post some games from what was for it's time the premiere Soviet chess magazine.

The following games are taken from the the First League of the 51st USSR Championship in Tallinn which took place 2-28 xii 1983, the games were published in the March 1984 issue of Шахматный бюллетень. The Tallinn tournament was won by Josif Dorfman ahead of Lev Psakhis, Konstantin Lerner, Boris Gulko  and Andrei Kharitonov.

For more on Шахматный бюллетень there is a very informative article by Tim Harding over at Chess Cafe.

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